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LG1 Custard Factory, Gibb Street
Birmingham, B9 4AT

07768 877127

Experienced qualitative research. Focusing on consumers and consumption. 


Experienced qualitative research, with innovative research techniques

What we do

We have been doing qualitative research for over 20 years...

We begin by understanding you...

  • your objectives and constraints
  • your competitive circumstances
  • your brand
  • your vision

We the propose the most appropriate approach...

  • group discussions - large or small
  • in-depth interviews - home or work 
  • even a quantitative solution if it is more apt

We have experienced a wide range of technics and innovations...

  • it comes down to experience
  • what we do and how we achieve it depends on your goals

We are not trying to invent new technics or indulge ourselves...

  • we believe groups and in-depth work well
  • they may not be always fashionable but they deliver
  • we work on line to build forums and discussions 
  • mobile discussions and interviews for shopping related issues

We exploit technology when it contributes not because we can….