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Experienced qualitative research. Focusing on consumers and consumption. 


Pricing paradox

Positioning premium products in price sensitive sectors

Exploiting health and taste drivers has enabled to brands in recent studies to justify premium positionings and capture consumer interest.

Snacking and health convergence



Lunchtime Satisfaction - Experience vs Satisfaction

Julian Rodway

"...if I'm buying a sandwich I'm thinking about value ... if it's sushi I'm thinking of the enjoyment..."

Garage grazing and supermarket snacking is an established pattern for many at lunchtime. Consumers see this sector as an indulgence. The choice is an impulsive decision driven by their desire to suit the mood and moment. But shelf seduction can impact on whether the choice is rationally or emotively driven.

Succumb to impulses

Succumb to impulses

Indulgent escapism - light, clean and stimulating

Forget the ingredients it's the experience. Consumers were not concerned about the e numbers but more focused on the eat. 

Need for an authentic experience wasbi, ginger and soy sauce essential elements contributing to the eating ritual.

Better than home made

Better than home made

Filling and familiar with a twist

Familiar with a sense of sophistication to demonstrate a lunchtime moment to spoil themselves with.

Want substance and satisfaction - need to feel satiated. But conscious of value; has to be demonstrably better than home-made to justify the lunchtime extravagance.

The opportunity for added value comes from offering something that emotively tempts and seduces consumers away from their sandwich shelf rationality.