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LG1 Custard Factory, Gibb Street
Birmingham, B9 4AT

07768 877127

Experienced qualitative research. Focusing on consumers and consumption. 


Pricing paradox

Positioning premium products in price sensitive sectors

Exploiting health and taste drivers has enabled to brands in recent studies to justify premium positionings and capture consumer interest.

Snacking and health convergence



Technology no longer for geeks

Julian Rodway

" is no longer just for geeks.... it is for grannies as well.... we all need to be able to use it..."

The focus of the research world recently seems to be on technology and UX testing. Specifically, building bridges between software, sites and the user. We have been exploring the web and programmes with both geeks and grandmothers with some very interesting findings. Whilst the instigation of UX lies with the sophistication of smart phones and software, the principles extend to all consumer product interfaces, including anything that comes with a user guide - TV, microwaves, cameras, etc.

Mobile site testing on iPads & smartphones

Usability testing

Usability testing

Client wanted to explore its retail site's migration to mobiles. We explored consumers reaction to the site in terms of aesthetics and usability

We used a fixed camera for iPads and a mobile cradle & camera for consumers' smart phones. 

Valuable lessons were learnt about the different environments and the priorities of simplicity and speed in a mobile situation.

Cross platform software design

Exploring software engagement

Exploring software engagement

Designers wanted to assess the usability of their software across both PC and Mac formats.

We used two large monitors to relay both the screen and respondent facials to the client room and recorded all activity using specialist picture in picture software.

Interesting differences emerge between PC and Mac users, not only in terms of approach and attitudes but also to do with software functionality, etiquette and expectations.

If you would like to discuss any research issue call me I am always happy to give a perspective based on experience and expertise - +44 (0)7768877127.