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Experienced qualitative research. Focusing on consumers and consumption. 


Pricing paradox

Positioning premium products in price sensitive sectors

Exploiting health and taste drivers has enabled to brands in recent studies to justify premium positionings and capture consumer interest.

Snacking and health convergence



Shopping and consumer buying strategies

Julian Rodway

“… shopping has become more like a game of Sudoku... I have to try to get things to added up in different directions like price and value… it all has to balance with my budget ...”

Economising tactics are becoming accepted as normal shopping behaviour and habits. The basic motivational responses to coping with the 'financial squeeze' can be summarised as; restricting, recycling and rewarding.

Reward - Schizophrenic Shopping

Different outlets different mindset

Different outlets different mindset

Visiting a 'discount' store to hunt out bargains before reverting back to their 'regular' supermarket for the rest of the 'usual' shopping:

    "... Aldi for the pleasure of finding bargains and little treats and Tesco for everything else..."

Danger is the rewarding shopping and 'retail hero' is becoming the discount store.

Recycle - Promotional Partnerships

Sharing the bounty

Sharing the bounty

Hunting for promotional offers with friends and trading or 'dividing up the loot' later:

    "... we go shopping's more fun hunting out the deals and sharing the offers as you don't need 3 packets of whatever..."

Recycling and a reverse exploitation of retailers by buying teams of consumers.

Restrict - Disciplined Shopping

Bound by shopping lists

Bound by shopping lists

Foraging for meals in their cupboards and freezers not supermarket shelve:

    "... I'd pop into the supermarket on my way home to get inspired for the night's I check and plan the evening before and only buy what I need..."

Impulses now have to be checked and restricted, ethos of eating up and minimising waste.

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